NOC made mandatory for high-rises within 15km of airport: CAA

Islamabad: In a notification to the federal government, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has made NOC from Pakistan Air Force (PAF) for high rises in the vicinity of Nur Khan Air Base mandatory.

PAF operations and VIP movements are still conducted from the airbase which requires safety measures and implementation of the National Airfield Clearance Policy (NACP).

PAF is the competent authority to issue NOC for high- rises within 15km of the PAF Nur Khan Air Base. Being major aviation stakeholders, the importance of PAF operations cannot be overruled.

CDA would consult CAA over the new notification to know the fresh limits. It will seek to clarify if the letter is also linked to the construction of high rises in Blue Area, as the ban had been lifted off the respective area by CAA.

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