Pakistan’s renewable energy market on the rise, Arif Alvi

Islamabad:      Pakistan is an emerging renewable energy market that has incredible potential to grow further, President Arif Alvi said.

While speaking at the inaugural session of Pakistan Renewable Energy Summit 2019, he urged everyone for establishing a new paradigm for Pakistan’s renewable energy sector, and for that, we urgently need to adopt solar means to suffice our energy needs.

Who hosted the event?

The event was hosted by World Wind Energy Association and Global 100% RE, which was attended by national and international experts on energy. The participants shared opinions on various topics including global energy transition, grid versus off-grid distributed energy, de-carbonizing industry’s power needs, and achieving 30 percent renewable energy by 2030.

The president pressed upon the issue that renewable energy should be made affordable, viable and conveniently distributable, which is only possible if different portfolios of the industry are integrated efficiently. He added that the sector has potential to produce 25 percent of the country’s requirements.

The President also encouraged the experts to explore and design cleaner, efficient and cost-effective mechanisms/sources for producing wind, solar, and hydro energy. If all measures were implemented properly, Pakistan could achieve the renewable energy target of 30 percent by 2030.

At the same time, the President emphasized that a business-friendly environment will be provided to the investors who plan to invest their capital and experience in Pakistan.

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