Pakistan’s temperature may rise by 1°C

ISLAMABAD:  If the effects of global climate change are not countered in Pakistan, the temperature here could rise by more than 1°C, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said on Thursday. The rise, however, will be subject to the rise in global temperatures.

“One degree may sound insignificant, but it will have dire consequences especially when Pakistan is already the seventh-most vulnerable country in the world due to the impacts of the altering climate,” he said at a press conference.

As a positive measure towards climate change, a policy on electric cars will be presented to the cabinet after Eid.

“Indian state terrorism is not limited in Kashmir, but extends to destroying the natural environment also, after Indian fighter aircraft bombed and destroyed forests inside Pakistan earlier on Friday.” The advisor added in the press conference. He also announced that the government will start a 10 billion tree plantation campaign.

“Forest cover in KP has increased by 6.6pc. The plantation campaign is being extended throughout the country. As many as 3.5bn trees will be planted in the first phase at a cost of $1bn,” he said.

He also mentioned taking other measures including banning single-use plastic bags. He added that a grant of $150 million has been acquired from Germany to improve the status of the environment.

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