People register in droves for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

ISLAMABAD: People have started registering in droves for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme (NPHS) with NADRA reporting to have registered 1.1 million citizens so far.

Official sources have informed of the deadline for registrations to be Oct 15, with registrations also starting in Karachi.

As per NADRA, Punjab leads with 477,337 registrations. Registrations from other provinces are as follows: 130,981 from Sindh, 109,475 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 79,218 from Balochistan, 13,984 from Gilgit Baltistan, 9,813 from AJK and 2065 from FATA.  A massive influx of registration from Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has been seen with the official number being 248,424 registrations.

Majority of the applications belong to the middle class. Affluent classes have also been registered but the farmers and other classes have just amounted to 10% of the applicants. The applications received included over 70% male and 30% female applicants. Over 40% of the registrations were constituted by salaried persons. The citizens can submit forms online at “”.

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