Prime Minister announces Rs.162 billion development fund for Karachi

Karachi: Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a development package of Rs.162 billion for Karachi. The package includes 18 projects and a total of 10 schemes targeted towards improved transportation facilities and road infrastructures. The Prime Minister has already given approval for the development of a master plan for the city of Karachi.

The Karachi development fund will cater to infrastructure development funds including widening of the Northern Bypass, improvement of Lyari Expressway project and Green Line Bus project. Projects on water and sanitation are also a priority.  The government will install multiple reverse osmosis plants to supply the city of Karachi with purified and drinkable water. A water institute will also be established in Karachi for research on supply, conservation and management of water in the city.

Trade Development Authority Secretary Saleh Farooqui shared that directives have been given to relevant departments to prepare PC-1 for all the projects.

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