Programme Ehsas will turn Pakistan into a welfare state: PM

Islamabad: Policy statement on the government’s programme Ehsas has been released by Prime Minister Imran Khan. He has expressed confidence on Ehsas turning Pakistan into a welfare state.

He said, the poverty reduction plan has been articulated into four pillars and currently embodies 115 policy actions which may evolve. The four pillars include addressing government system work to create equality, safety nets for disadvantaged segments, livelihood and human capital development.

The programme has proposed to legally bind the government for the provision of food, shelter and basic social services to all citizens. To make it possible Rs80 billion will added to social protection operation with a total incremental increase of Rs120 billion in the 2020-21 budget.

The PM focused on the programme and its vision for a welfare state. It aims to support economic empowerment of women, education, and sustainable development, majorly lifting the low-income and poor segment of the country.

Not only this, but the PM said a new policy would be introduced to guide the use of development expenditure by the parliamentarians and a need-based system in the framework of the new National Finance Commission Award will also be brought together.

The Ehsas programme also aims to partnership with NGOs, cater to labor pensions and accelerate foreign policy to review opportunities in neighbouring countries.

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