Projecting the best of Pakistan at Berlin Festival of Lights

ISLAMABAD: The famous Berlin ‘Festival of Lights’ is all set to be illuminated in the colours of rich Pakistani culture in 2019  with gripping displays of 3D projection mapping by a Pakistan based company- Artec. In an annual display of 3D light art, the world-renowned lights festival turns the city into a global spectacle with artists from all over the world competing to tell the best of stories through visual projection on Berlin’s famous landmarks.

Out of many hundreds of teams competing to win a chance to display their art & cultures at the Berlin Lights Festival that is presumably one of the best in the world, Artec from Pakistan this year has been chosen after many rounds of shortlisting to display their work on Berlin’s Television Tower. Keeping in view the importance of projecting a positive image of Pakistan, the minds behind Artec chose the most popular Pakistani ‘truck art’ as the theme for their display.

The truck art has been known to be one of the most popularly recognised Pakistani art forms & is a distinct display of the vibrancy of Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage. A spellbinding display of this art in the form of visual projection mapping is all set to take place at Berlin, Germany between 11-20th October 2019. Other famous displays include contributions by celebrated artists like Thierry Noir and Otto Waalkes.

Artec with its impressive portfolio of 3D projection mapping, AR & VR  is a befitting name to represent Pakistan at an international stage celebrating art & technology. With a recent display of their work at Islamabad Serena Hotel at the occasion of 89th Saudi National Day Celebration, their client list includes some of the most renowned brands like Emirates, Pakistan Tobacco Company, Samsung, Graana, Amazon Mall and Ogilvy.

The annual display is a permanent feature of the Festival of Lights since 2015 showcasing the best of talent from across the world but it isn’t just limited to spectators viewing live, now Pakistanis can vote for their team online here to bring the title home.

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