Punjab approves Rs62.058 billion for uplift schemes

Lahore: The 22nd meeting of the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) for the current fiscal year 2018-19 was held recently. In the meeting chaired by Chairman P&D, Habibur Rehman Gilani, schemes worth Rs3.817 billion were approved. Another 58.241 billion has been recommended for Agriculture and Forest sector schemes. Federal government is yet to approve them.

Schemes for Agriculture and Forest sector include the Green Pakistan Programme- Revival of Wildlife Resources in Punjab at a cost of Rs5890.599 million. National Programme for Enhancing Command Area of Small and Mini Dams in Barani Areas of Pakistan will cost Rs3,814.912 million. Whereas Rs48,535.866 million have been cleared for the National Programme for enhancement of watercourses in Pakistan.

The approved developmental schemes include the Establishment of Arazi Record Centres (ARCs) at Qanungoi Level at an estimated cost of Rs 2146.131 million. Construction of dual carriageway from Ganaish Wah Canal to Katcheri Chowk will cost Rs443.772 million. Rehabilitation of Rawat Harraka Dhudial Road stands at the cost of Rs1,227.678 million.

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