RDA directed to shift bus terminals out of city

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has been ordered by the Divisional Commissioner Saqib Zafar to shift the bus terminals out of city limits.

The areas proposed are the Ring Road near Chani Sher Alam, Rawat and Thalian Interchange on Motorway. The bus terminals on Peshawar Road and Soan would be shifted to Thalian Interchange initially, as these are the prime reason for traffic during the rush hours.

The RDA has conducted a survey to compile data regarding the bus terminals accommodating the travelers to different cities, towns, and villages through buses and wagons.

Mr. Zafar had stressed that due to the growing population, the bus terminals had been surrounded by the residential area. Hence the separation of commercial and residential areas is vital, so people live peacefully and enjoy the civic facilities provided.

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