RDA slows down operation against anti-encroachments

Islamabad: Until the settlement of court cases Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has slowed down operation against illegal buildings and encroachments.

In a survey conducted, several illegal constructions were identified on Murree Road, City Saddar Road, Asghar Mall Road, Saidpur Road, Sherpao Colony and adjoining areas. Notices to illegal buildings were sent but nothing further happened.

Despite the demand from RDA, the owners never came up with ownership documents. Neither were the size approval for shops submitted.

RDA Chairman Arif Abbasi has said that the operation has not been halted but slowed down. Identification of illegal buildings including a survey of 12 housing schemes is under work. The people have however moved to courts. The drive will be launched again once the cases are settled. All stakeholders will be taken into confidence.

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