Red letter issued to 27 Ministries by PM Office

ISLAMABAD: Due to a critical delay in the tasks assigned by the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has issued a ‘red letter’ to 27 Federal Ministries/Divisions.

Under the directive of the PM, the Ministries/Divisions have been asked to complete the assigned tasks by September 9 and to submit a compliance report on the matter to the premier.

Initially, a ‘yellow letter’ was issued to the Ministries on August 17, which notified that half of the time had passed which was given for the completion of the tasks.

However, the red letter issued was due to overdue in the competition of the tasks. It declared that no further extension would be granted to the Ministry and to ensure clarity, two briefing sessions had also been convened.

The issued red letter would in turn account for the performance report of the concerned Ministry/Division, notified the PMO.

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