Success! You have just landed your dream job that you had been struggling for ever since you graduated. The salary offered is something that you were secretly hoping for, the insurance covers almost all of your medical worries and just the prospect of a big change has set your heart racing.

The catch? Taking up this job means relocating. While this may not be something to worry about for some, it can be a daunting decision to take, especially if you have a nuclear family and moving together is inevitable.

Moving homes

Following are some points that are essential to ponder over before you give the final nod.

Financial viability

First things first; if you have made up your mind to relocate, you need to take the expenses involved into account. Moving – be it to another city or abroad –can easily cost you a small fortune. Whether you intend to take most of your belongings along or plan to go on a spending spree at the new location, budgeting is of utmost importance.


If you have done all the calculations and are satisfied with the resulting amount, your move can take as little as a week provided you have sorted out other pressing matters (to be discussed later). However, if you think that you need time to save up more for the move, you may postpone your departure for a reasonable time frame.


Finding a suitable place to live is one of the first things on the list before you move. Friends and family residing in your new location are the most reliable source to help you find the ideal house. If that is not an option, surf the internet for dependable agents with genuine reviews, share your requirements with them and ask them to shortlist options close to what you desire. You can also log onto for this, and browse through a plethora of options.

New home

If possible, make a short trip before the big move to finalise your home, lock the deal and tidy up the paperwork. In case that is not feasible, be mentally prepared for a few upsets that are inevitable given the nature of relocation.

Spouse’s profession

Relocating may be tricky if your spouse works as well. Remember to keep their struggles and possible repercussions of moving in your mind.  Work out the pros and cons of them possibly having to resign or ask for a transfer. If it’s the former, research beforehand on the probability of finding employment suited to their qualifications and experience in the new place.

Happy couple

If the conclusion of your homework is not in favour of your spouse’s goals and aspirations, you may need to rethink your decision to move. It would be unfair to deprive your significant other of their dreams to realise your own.


Provision of quality education along with meaningful extracurricular activities to children is something that parents spend days and nights struggling and worrying over. Relocating can have the most impact on young ones; it is hard for them to let go of their school, teachers and friends. Besides gradually preparing them for a big change in their lives, a thorough research for singling out the ideal school that best matches what your children are used to and is well within your budget is of supreme importance.


The advisable course to follow is to move first, then set about shortlisting schools and paying a visit (or multiple) to the management for your complete satisfaction before finalising.


It is always a good idea to gather information about hospitals nearest to your potential residence, as well as the ones on your employer’s panel. Find out the best option beforehand to rush to in case of an emergency – a renowned general practitioner for your first visit in case of any ailment, and specialists in case of a chronic illness.


In the event that you or any family member is suffering from medical conditions that require specific or advanced equipment, make sure you know where to go.

Weather patterns

While one may already have a general idea about the climate of any given place, it is advisable to take a closer look at the changing weathers of the place that you are about to move to. Prior preparation – from clothing or making arrangements to weatherproof your new home – will save you from unnecessary inconvenience and possible medical afflictions.


It is also important to make informed decisions in case the new location is a breeding ground of certain seasonal allergies that may affect your health.

Once you have carried out the necessary reconnaissance and are confident that you have taken care of all vital matters to make your move with minimum hassle, take the plunge and relocate!

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