Best Restaurants in Rawalpindi 2021

Juicy BBQ, hot and crispy parathas, cheesy entrees and the juiciest burgers… Rawalpindi has so much to offer! Only thinking about these treats is making my tummy growl.

Rawalpindi is a small but colorful and lively city. The people, the weather and most importantly the food are amazing here. Rawalpindi is loaded with amazing eateries and restaurants. If you are a foodie and have a soft corner for yummilicious food, then Rawalpindi is your place. Rawalpindi and Islamabad have one of the best cinemas in the country. You should visit these cinemas as well.

Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Here is a list of restaurants in Rawalpindi that are offering finger-licking and lip-smacking food for the masses.

Restaurants Location Prices Ambiance Cuisine
1. Texas Steak House Saddar, Rawalpindi $$ Average Steaks, Fast food
2. The Monal Restaurant Saddar, Rawalpindi $$ Good Desi, Chinese, Thai, Fast food
3. Tandoori Restaurant PWD, Rawalpindi $$ Good Desi, BBQ
4. BBQ Tonight GT Road, Rawalpindi $$ Good BBQ, Desi
5. Ox & Grill Steak House Bank Road, Rawalpindi. $$$ Good Steaks, Fast food
6. Chaaye Khana Bahria Town, Rawalpindi $$ Excellent Beverages, Fast food, Snacks
7. Hamlet BBQ Bahria Town, Rawalpindi $$ Good BBQ, Pakistani specialties
8. Habibi Restaurant Stadium Road, Rawalpindi $ Good BBQ, Fast food, Desi
9. Pearl Continental Hotel Saddar, Rawalpindi $$$ Excellent All kinds of cuisine
10. Ranchers Saddar, Rawalpindi $$ Good Fast food
11. Asian Wok Bahria Town, Rawalpindi $$ Excellent Chinese
12. Bala Tikka House Banni, Rawalpindi $ Average Pakistani cuisine
13. Savour Foods College Road, Rawalpindi $ Average Pakistani, Fast food
14. The Slider Zone Bahria Town, Rawalpindi $$ Excellent Fast food
15. Roasters Bahria Town, Rawalpindi $$$ Excellent Italian, Fast food

 1. Texas Steak House

The first restaurant on our list is the Texas Steak House. The place has been around for quite a long time now and it is still famous in public for its main courses. If you love big, juicy and succulent steaks, then this place is a perfect option to satisfy your taste buds.

It is located in Saddar, Rawalpindi and you can easily access it by using the metro bus service.

Facebook Page: Texas Steak House

 2. The Monal Restaurant

Monal is a very famous restaurant situated in Rawalpindi. It has two more branches in Islamabad. The place serves authentic Desi food. Their BBQ and individual platters are awesome. Along with Desi dishes, the place is also offering Italian, Chinese and Thai cuisine.

If you are looking for a place for a family day out, then Monal is a good option. Also, their buffets are good with a list of Pakistani and international cuisine.

Facebook Page: The Monal Restaurant

monal restaurant

 3. Tandoori

If you are looking for a place that is offering yummy BBQ at an affordable rate, then do try Tandoori. I tried their hi-tea a week ago and it was quite reasonable.  You can enjoy a tummy-filling hi-tea for under Rs1,000 which is definitely a steal. The food variety was good, fresh and the staff was very courteous.

Facebook Page: Tandoori

tandoori restaurant

 4. BBQ Tonight

As the name suggests, BBQ Tonight is an excellent place for people who love BBQ, karahi, and kulchay. The food is yummy and easy on the pocket. If you are planning to try different kinds of BBQ then visit the place ASAP.

Facebook Page: BBQ Tonight

bbq tonight

 5. Ox & Grill Steak House

This restaurant is one of the best steak houses in the twin cities. The food is great and the ambiance is lovely. If you want to enjoy meaty goodness then do give this place a try. Their special steak and nachos are really good.

Facebook Page: Ox & Grill Steak House

ox and grill

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee with yummy treats, then head to best cafes in city.

 6. Chaaye Khaana

If you are a tea lover and want to sip tea and munch on yummy snacks then Chaaye Khana should not be missed. The place has a very cool and comfy ambiance. They also have a great collection of books.

So, if you are a bibliophile and a caffeine addict, the place is a heaven for you. They are offering a whole exciting variety of teas. Also, their garlic mushroom toast and crepes are to die for. Do give them a try.

Facebook Page: ChaayeKhaana

 7. Hamlet BBQ

This is a new restaurant located in Bahria Town. Their BBQ and Desi food is winning hearts since the inauguration of the restaurant. So, if you are in Bahria Town, visit this place and don’t forget to try their hi-tea platter and chicken cheese handi.

Facebook Page: Hamlet BBQ

hamlet restaurant

 8. Habibi Restaurant

Habibi restaurant is inspired by Pakistani and Arabic cuisine. The whole ambiance of the place reminds you of Arabian nights. Their BBQ platters are humongous and excellent for families. And yes, don’t forget to try their kehwa.

Facebook Page: Habibi Restaurant

habibi restaurant

 9. Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi

This is a four-star restaurant situated in Rawalpindi Cantt. If you want to experience fine dining then you should definitely check out this place. The ambiance is outclassing and the food is delicious.

You can eat almost every kind of cuisine here. The Chinese at Taipan and the hi-tea at Marco Polo are some of the best options at the PC hotel. PC Rawalpindi buffets and festivals are also very popular among the masses.

Facebook Page: Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi

pc hotel rawalpindi

 10. Ranchers

Do you like classic cowboy movies? Do you want to devour big juicy burgers? If yes, then Ranchers is your go-to place. This place is one of the most famous burger joints in the twin cities. Their monstrous burgers and margaritas are perfect. Do try their Big Ben and Big Bang burgers ‚Äď you will love them.

Facebook Page: Ranchers


 11. Asian Wok

Restaurants in Bahria Rawalpindi are getting popular day by day. This place is my go-to spot to satisfy my Chinese cravings. The serving size is huge, food is always piping hot and the staff is very attentive and courteous. If you want to enjoy good Chinese food with your friends and family than do visit this place.

Facebook Page: Asian Wok

asian wok

 12. Bala Tikka House

This place is gold. It is located in the heart of old Rawalpindi. The place might not be good in terms of ambiance but the food here is amazing. The eatery is famous for its karahis, balti gosht, and of course, BBQ.

Facebook Page: Bala Tikka House

bala tikka house

 13. Savour Foods

Who does not know about Savour Foods? The famous pulao kabab of Savour has been winning hearts for quite a long time now. If you are a student or someone who is looking for a cheap, clean and fulfilling meal then Savour Food will save your day.

Facebook Page: Savour Foods

savour foods rawalpindi

 14. Slider Zone

This is another affordable burger joint with an amazing variety of beef and chicken burgers. The serving sizes are perfect and the taste of the burgers is spot-on. Their desserts, especially the pineapple delight, are a must-have. If you are planning a casual outing with your friends, then do try the Slider Zone.

Facebook Page: Slider Zone

sliders rawalpindi

 15. Roasters

Roasters is my personal favorite because of its consistency in delivering high-quality and lip-smacking food. The parmesan pasta and chicken Kiev are the bestsellers and for all the good reasons. The cheesy goodness and tender chicken makes these dishes the perfect comfort food for foodies.

Facebook Page: Roasters

roasters bahria

So, this was our selection of some really good Desi and fast-food restaurants in Rawalpindi. Apart from these renowned restaurants, the food street Saddar, Rawalpindi is also loaded with an amazing selection of quick snacks. Bahria Town is also offering good eateries with great ambiance and food. Also, if you want to check out more restaurants and eateries then do visit Islamabad as the capital is overflowing with classy restaurants with delicious food. Here is the list of free visa countries for Pakistan you may try Pakistani dishes with a modern touch in many of these countries.

If you come with your family to visit Rawalpindi there are many hotels in Rawalpindi where you stay with your family all these hotels are affordable. On average, you can easily get a good hotel room in Rawalpindi for Rs3,000 per day. Get to know haunted places in Islamabad Pakistan. If you are concern about your health and diet and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle do visit top gyms in Islamabad.

Visit these places, try out the food, enjoy yourself, and let us know about your favorite restaurants in Rawalpindi. Get to know Best educational institute in Islamabad.

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