Rs275.6m released for Revenue Division projects by Govt

Under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), the government has released Rs275.6 million for various ongoing and new projects of the Revenue Division for the current fiscal year.

For the development of Integrated Transit Trade Management System (ITTMS), an amount of Rs76 million has been released.

Furthermore, the government released Rs65 million for the construction of the Regional Tax Office at Islamabad. To establish Inland Revenue all over the country, the government has allocated Rs56.350 million, for which an amount of Rs331.770 million was earmarked in the current PSDP.

For the construction of Model Customs Collectorate at Gawadar, the government released Rs30 million, for which Rs200 million have been earmarked in the current PSDP.

For the construction of Inland Revenue Zonal Office at Mansehra and D.I. Khan, the government has released Rs5.210 million and Rs4.976 million.

Under the government’s development programme, Rs 18.804 billion was released for the Federal Ministries. According to the data released by the Ministry of Planning and Development and Reforms, Rs 7.748 billion have been released for the development of Special Areas.

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