Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry plans investment conference to attract investors

Peshawar: In a consultative session, ‚ÄúPreparation for sustainable investments towards the development goals in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa between public and private sector representatives‚ÄĚ, arranged by the chamber and GIZ, SCCI President Faiz Muhammad Faizi, expressed the potential KP has for attracting local and foreign investment provided the economic policies stay consistent. He pressed over the need to bridge gaps to strengthen public-private partnership and has called upon the public and private sectors to devise joint policies that are in the best interest of business community and people.

An announcement about the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizing an international exhibition and investment conference in collaboration with GIZ was also made.

The session was attended by SCCI president Faiz Mohammad Faizi, VP Haris Mufti, former president Zahidullah Shinwari, former senior VP Maqsood Anwar, APCEA chairman Manzoor Elahi, Barnhard Hartleinter of GIZ, Qurtul Ain, SMEDA provincial chief Rashid Aman, KPEZDMC chief Saeed Ahmad Khan and other leading businessmen.

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