Small Guest Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Raise your hand if you have guests coming over and your guest bedroom is not remotely ready! As a host you want to make your guests feel at home while providing them with all the amenities of a 5-star hotel. The best guestrooms are ones which are de-cluttered, clean and welcoming. Depersonalising is an important step in this process but your guests should also know that you have warmly opened your home to them with few deliberate touches. brings you simple yet effective changes that you can do to your space to make it more inviting.  


Make a Statement 

Invite them into a moody bedroom. This way you can easily make your guests feel welcomed and also provide them with a luxury getaway experience. The devil will be in the detail with clearly thought-out decor plans and few accent pieces. Easy way to do this is to paint the room a dark rich colour of your choice. Add the bedding and chair in a contrasting colour to add that glitz and glam. This will create that luxury hotel-like feeling for your guests. The bold decor choices will act as a statement which will be imprinted on your guest’s mind. 


Add Lots of Plants 

One way to add new life to any bedroom is to add plants. It blows new energy into the room and makes it look cosy. Indoor plants are also good for health and constantly purifies the air by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. If you can add tall plants, it may even make your room like a tropical oasis. Coupled with new themed bedding, your guests will really be in for some exciting time. 


Choose the Right Bedding 

Choosing the right bedding can make all the difference in the room. The bed holds the maximum space in any room. Therefore, it should be styled tastefully to make use of that space and turn it into a wow factor. Bed is also the space that can instantly make a room feel more inviting. The ideal way to set up your guest bed is to choose a neutral bed sheet and add a minimum of four pillows. Extra cushions can be added for style and texture according to your chosen colour scheme. Place a little tray with some flowers or ornaments on the bed to make it more luxurious and add that extra touch for your guests. 


Add Decorative Mirrors 

Mirrors in any room are game-changers. They instantly make a room look bigger and are excellent ways to fill empty spaces. They also come in handy to take photos for your social media posts. There are a variety of ways mirrors can be used to style a room. You can use a vintage full length mirror and mount it against a wall or you can use a decorative mirror above your bed so it acts as a statement piece. 


De-personalise It 

If you are in a race to set up the guest bedroom without having to do any major changes, start off by tidying up the room. Wash up the linens and dust the room to make it clean. Next make the bed so it gives a tidy appearance. The next best thing to do is de-personalise the space. You want your guests to know that they are staying at your place but you also want them to feel at home. Remove any personal items that you have or extra books laying around. Try to de-clutter as much as you can to allow your guests to fully enjoy the bedroom. 

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