Small living rooms. Minimalistic ideas

There is a reason why small living room spaces, with minimal furniture, is having a major breakthrough in modern designs. If created right, it results in room becoming a calming, clutter-free space that is a visually inspiring and a nurturing environment. As a tired brown girl, sits on her desk, on a slow Ramadan day, instead of thinking about food, thinks about ideas to decorate small living room spaces and how to make the most of it.

For starters, envisioning the whole look is key. While planning out how to create a subtle look is the goal. In a minimalistic space, each item has to be carefully planned that leaves a strong impact and contributes perfectly.

Scale, it prevents the fail:

Small living spaces with minimal furniture get along beautifully. A few swaps and you can make use out of most of every available and usable inch. A conventional take on setting up small spaced living rooms is ditching the contemporary sofa sets and replacing them with modern shaped arm chairs and, or settee.

Use muted colors:

If you’re into modern and minimalistic designs but don’t want to give up on color, allow the living room to have muted tones in terms of material and finishes that are to be used, should further be paired with a monochromatic pallet. Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue and then extends its shades, tones and tints. This allows the structured detailing and foundations to stand beautifully as they are. Introduce a different dynamic by adding a muted carpet in tones of pink or coral, paired with a midnight-hued armed arm chair. Another take on achieving a minimal yet modern room space is by adding well organized photo frames. This will keep things interesting, without creating a visual chaos. Things that may go with such tones would be metallic pieces or a mid-century coffee table, for a stylish and unpretentious setup.


On a second thought, why use any color when ‘white’ can be used to create a perfect design?
This is a lot easier as in a single toned room, one does not have to worry about mixing and matching colors. That does not mean that one cannot incorporate fun. To add modernity to the room, add patterned pillows or cushions on sofas, along with textured plush rugs is more approachable. This could prove in minimalist spaces being both, dynamic and warm.

A tonal take:

Want to add colors and still be minimalistic? Got you covered. The trick is to stay within one tone. Either use rich shades of mahogany, bottle green or blue or opt for lighter hues of the sunny spectrum, like baby pinks or yellow. The key being able to incorporate the same tone in furniture, like have a seating arrangement that either has a floral pattern or single tones of the same color that is on the wall. If the furniture compliments it, make sure to use a lighter color of the same spectrum for the curtains or the decoration pieces.

Mixing different styles:

One must try to stay grounded in choosing the whole outlook of their living spaces, which Highlights the simple and organic forms in which a room could be. Ditching the basic table bases and putting a wooden slab on the floor to achieve and to overcome the conventional look and get an ideally innovative look. Another take on redefining small living rooms could be in an all-white room, adding a statement colored piece. This could be done in terms of adding an arm chair, rug, or some decorative pieces of a different color that pops and stands out.

Keeping it traditional

One does not have to make stark choices for a living room to attain a modern look. If you want to opt for a simpler traditional look, go for pieces that are timeless. The classic layout that oozes comfort, with a conventional sofa set, a classic wooden coffee table that compliments sheer curtains, that allows the natural light to flow in and play its magic. It never hurts.

Incorporating Nature:
For your living room to be a breath of fresh air, you can always optimize a wallpaper that depicts mural in a minimalistic environment, the wallpaper used however should be in subtle tones of grey as it would ensure that the wallpaper does not overpower the room visually. Incorporating things like a linen sofa set, jut rug, small plants or a large pot of plant and a couple of wooden stools would give your living space a fun spin but would not compromise on the relaxed environment. No doubt, keeping a house cool in extreme heat is a tedious task. But, do not worry because there are a couple of ways you can adopt to kick off unnecessary heat from your house.

Setting the mood:

Choosing modest furniture or chasing darker moods, is all in your hands. For a lighter and open look, utilize a wide space with a clean lined sofa ad sleek surfaces like centre table. Then add a bit of warmth with a faux pattern and add dried floral plants, which exclude the cool look, especially pampas grass, as it’s a natural hue. It gives a more vintage look in terms of being windblown and softer atke.

These are some of the ways to achieve that modern look in small living spaces. But the whole point being, one can always get as creative as they wish to be, its all about what is being offered and then putting a more personalized spin and implementing that. Because, that homely feeling is different for everyone. Leave your suggestions in the comments below, if you have ay more tips for me, do share them. And don’t forget to share images of your living rooms or how you’ve changed them.

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