Survey of Margalla Road to be carried out by FWO, CDA

ISLAMABAD:  The Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) are to conduct a joint survey of the Margalla Road before the construction work commences. 

The FWO placed the machinery on the construction site near Sangjani but the formal construction work could not be carried out as the joint survey of the road was pending. The survey is expected to be completed after a week. 

“After completion of the survey, the construction work will be started,” stated an engineer of CDA.

He further stated that the survey was essential to assess the technicalities related to the project. “In fact without joint survey, which is measurement, adjusting road alignment, formal work cannot be started.”

The CDA has agreed to expand the project and extend the construction of Margalla Road from G.T. Road Sangjani up to Satra Meel Murree Road, bypassing Bhara Kahu.

The 35-km-long Margalla Road is part of the initial master plan for Islamabad. 


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