Taking the bull by the horns: CDA to start projects using its own resources

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will be allocating Rs1.5 billion from the surplus funds generated for the construction of Korang Bridge and an underpass at PWD as part of the Islamabad Expressway Signal-Free Corridor.


The signal-free corridor project was started by the previous government to deal with the daily traffic congestion and to save time for the commuters. The project was divided into two portions, from Zero Point to Koral and Koral to Rawat. Rs7 billion were allocated previously in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2018-2019. Four interchanges at I-8, Sohan, Khanna and Koral constituted the first portion of the project which was completed in early 2019.

The project was then excluded in the revision of the PSDP by the incumbent government. The remaining portion of the Islamabad Expressway is now in a dilapidated condition and the craters and potholes have added to the commuters’ woes. The executives at CDA, however, in their visit to the Expressway on Tuesday, decided to start the project with CDA’s resources. A letter may be written to the Finance and Planning Commission for permission.

In a press release, CDA has emphasised the importance of the signal-free corridor with the increase in population in the adjoining areas. CDA is looking to start the project but they will be requesting the Federal Government for funds under the PSDP next year, if given the go ahead now.

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