Tameer SeTaleem

TameerSeTaleem, as the name suggests, is an innovative and sustainable funnel of resources whereby we redirect our construction waste and leftover material to fill in the lack of the very resources in the underprivileged schools in slum areas.

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    Problem Statement


    Rising Construction

    In Pakistan, there are around 10,000 construction companies resulting in large-scale real estate development. In all of these construction portfolios, construction waste is a common occurrence with a massive carbon footprint.


    Educational Dilemma
    in Pakistan

    In Punjab, 4200 schools; in Sindh, 37000+ schools; in KPK, 10000 schools lack basic facilities, and in Balochistan, 60-70% of children are out of school due to an inherent shortage of schools. Most of these schools suffer from infrastructural damage.


    Slum Proliferation

    Urban decay and slum proliferation in Pakistan are a by-product of rapid urbanization, population growth, and rising poverty. Common issues include non-concrete houses, open sewers, dingy streets, waste dumpage and poor sanitation.

    Our Solution

    Tameer Se Taleem connects the construction industry of Pakistan with its educational sector and
    actively promotes the reuse of excess construction material to rehabilitate underprivileged
    schools, particularly those in slum areas.

    Our Vision

    Today if we build the future of underprivileged children by rehabilitating schools, tomorrow, they
    will help build our nation’s future.

    Our Achieved Milestones

    First Phase : In our first phase, we converted more than 4000 cubic meters of our wood waste into 100+ furniture items for dilapidated schools in a slum area called Mehrabadi. The school belonged to Baithak School Network, a network of over 150 schools spread across the country that provides free education to underprivileged children in impoverished areas.

    Second Phase : In the second phase, we renovated a school based in the Golra region of Islamabad, run by the same school network. The 15 years old school building is a shabby structure with peeling walls, soiled rooms, and a ring of solid waste surrounding its building. The renovation utilized leftover construction materials and waste like cement waste, concrete cylinders, paints, and other construction paraphernalia to rehabilitate the school.

    The Big Picture

    1 Chair = ∞ Futures

    It’s not just one chair but the representation of a generation that circulates on a chair. One chair is the evidence of a nation being built, of youth that learned and studied to become doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and much more. It indeed represents the foundation of a nation. It’s resilience, inclusivity, empathy, and passion. It’s hope in the middle of nowhere.

    The more we research and innovate this reuse model, the better future we leave for our upcoming generations.

    A TameerSeTaleem Chair with the handprints of little children from Baithak School Mehrabadi.

    Aims & Objectives

    TameerSeTaleem has been initiated with the following long-term and sustainable objectives:

    Reduse, Reuse and Recycle

    To promote sustainable construction practices by incorporating 3 R’s of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle by innovating construction waste management in Pakistan’s construction sector.

    lack of building resources

    To raise awareness about the lack of building resources in slums/underserved areas all across Pakistan and the world.

    rehabilitation of underserved areas

    To strategically market this campaign nationally and internationally to disseminate the message of reusing construction waste for rehabilitation of underserved areas.

    Introduce a Public Policy

    To kickstart policy research and introduce a public policy to redirect 5-10% of construction waste and leftover material in all construction projects to underserved areas’ development.

    Safeguarding Environment

    To promote the role of public, private, and NGO sectors in advocating for the cause of emancipating underprivileged groups and safeguarding environment against rising solid waste.

    Promotion of SDGS

    IMARAT Group has initiated the campaign to promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Pakistan’s Construction Sector:

    SDG 4 of ensuring inclusive and equitable education

    SDG 9 of building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation

    SDG 11 of making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

    SDG 13 of combating climate change and its damaging impacts

    SDG 17 of fostering effective partnerships for sustainable development goals’ implementation

    Our Partners

    What our partners have to say


    Future Avenues of TST

    Playgrounds / Futsal Ground

    We aim to build playgrounds in underserved areas or in their vicinity to induce healthier and athletic spark among the underprivileged children and enable promising athletes.

    Repainting Schools / Shelter Homes

    We painted the donated furniture to Baithak school with grey and white paint instead of wasting it. We aim to reuse our leftover paints and veneers to add colors to the underserved areas by repainting schools, shelter homes, hospitals, orphanages, or other public places that suffer from urban decay.

    Cement Vases

    We aim to create cement vases through the reuse of excess cement and position them at public parks and commercial centers near underserved areas for their beautification. The vases can incorporate artistic designs, powerful messages, and promote sustainability.

    Shelter Homes

    We will collaborate with the public and private partners to build shelter homes, fixed or portable. They can be positioned near public places for protection of kids, elderly people, and vulnerable populace from harsh weather conditions.

    Donation Centers/Recycling Workshops

    In the long-term, donation centers for collection of construction leftover material and reusable waste from industry partners will be established.
    Recycling Workshops will also be set up for the conversion of the collected donations into useful products that can be resold or reused for facilitation of underprivileged communities.
    The avenues will provide more employment opportunities and skills education for underprivileged communities.

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    The Tameer Se Taleem Digital Campaign

      I will

      Vote for Tameer Se Taleem

      Want to add your part to Tameer Se Taleem? Visit, sign, and share our Petition whereby we have raised an appeal to the Government of Pakistan to implement a construction policy based on the Tameer Se Taleem concept. Our main propositions are:

      1. Necessitates all construction companies to provide building, structural, or facilitative support to underserved schools in the vicinity of their construction sites.
      2. Formalizes the reuse of excess construction material and waste present at countrywide construction sites.
      3. Formalizes a proper framework for monitoring construction waste disposal.
      4. Sets up donation centres for the collection of excess construction material and reusable waste from the construction industry.
      5. Sets up recycling workshops near underserved communities to convert the donated materials into useful products for schools and as a result, also provide employment opportunities for the populace.
      6. Promotes partnerships with key stakeholders, NGOs, IGOs, and private entities to promote this initiative across Pakistan and the world.

      Invest With A Purpose

      It is our belief that sustainable investment must take priority to mitigate climate change and promote responsible businesses. Such ambition becomes real with the help of our investors who share our causes and values. When you invest with IMARAT Group, remember that you’re becoming part of a vast family that values inclusivity, diversity, educational equity, and the positive transformation of Pakistan! Invest but with a purpose where your dreams touch the
      dreams of all sections of society!

      50,000 schools in Pakistan lack basic facilities,
      With responsible construction and investment abilities,
      20 mn+ students can become an enlightened population,
      TameerSeTaleem, a vision to foster quality education!