Tax base grows as filers have increased: FBR to PM

ISLAMABAD: Due to an increase in the number of filers, the tax base has broadened significantly in the first year of the PTI-led coalition government, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) informed in a presentation to  Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Due to various schemes like the tax amnesty scheme, the data showed that up to 783,039 new taxpayers filed returns, which has resulted in FBR receiving Rs2.583bn from these new return filers.

In the first year of PTI government, the total tax return filers have reached 2.561 million in the tax year 2018, reflecting an increase of 69.1%.

In the months of July-August, revenue collection was recorded at Rs579bn. This showed an increase of 14.65%

Despite a 5.83% negative growth in customs collection, which fell to Rs97bn this year, the overall growth was achieved.

Reaching to Rs188bn this year against Rs172bn over the last year, the income tax collection has shown an increase of 9.3%. The growth in the collection of sales tax has been recorded at 26.92% to Rs264bn.

With an increase of 33.33%, the Federal Excise Duty collection was recorded at Rs28bn. Mr Zaidi informed the PM that the collection of domestic taxes recorded overall growth of 28% due to a growth of 16% growth in income tax collection, domestic sales tax collection up by 53%, and domestic FED growth of 39%, respectively.

In collaboration with NADRA, the FBR has introduced a Sahulat Web Portal to provide easy access to online information. He said the online system of FBR would be made more effective. He insisted that the FBR is facilitating businessmen in the country.

The Chairman said that tax refunds worth Rs16bn have already been made and another Rs17bn would be refunded by end of the current month.

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