Tenants rush to register themselves with police stations

Islamabad:      More than 500 residents of the capital have registered themselves as tenants in different police stations by Saturday, representatives of the capital administration and police reported on condition of anonymity.

They added that the numbers of tenants registering themselves are expected to rise, as they fear arrest after witnessing high profile individuals being booked under Tenancy Act.

Reportedly, residents in different areas of the capital were being visited by Islamabad police asking for details, but they either declined to provide any information, or asked for time. However, it is high profile arrests that have now compelled them to register themselves voluntarily.

The officials also stated that action was taken against 50 people on the directives of the capital administration for violating section 144 of CrPC, which obligates landlords and tenants to submit their details to the local police stations. However, before making any arrest, a prior permission of the district magistrate is required, they added.

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