Tips & Trends to Kickup your Kitchen Decor

The kitchen is a very essential and dare we say, the most important part of your home. From making yummy food to trying out that new recipe, the kitchen elevates your living experience. It only makes sense to brighten up this space by adding colors and innovative design ideas in your kitchen to take the experience to the next level. In this blog post, we will guide you with trending kitchen décor ideas for 2021.

Marble :

One of the most popular choices is marble and there is no denying the elegance, beauty, and luxury it holds. While it is not the most economical choice for all, many enthusiasts like to add marble to their kitchen décor as apart from offering the luxury look, it blends well with countertops and flooring. Marble is also long-lasting, offering elegance for years to come. Since we are talking about the kitchen, marbles are cool in temperature which means you can easily roll your perfect roti (dough) on the marvelous countertop. Pro tip: marble countertops are top picks for bakers. All this and many more make marble our top pick.

Wood Finishes :

Wood finishes are popular in both contemporary and modern kitchen designs. They are great to add life to the wooden furniture in your kitchen. Not only do these enhance the quality of the product, but they are also a natural and elegant choice. Wood finishes add the desired sophistication to the modern kitchen designs. The most common wood finishes can be seen in your kitchen cabinets. There are various types of wood finishes, including dye, oil finishes, varnish, shellac, stain, lacquers, water-based and French polish, to name a few. With so many types and techniques available, you can be innovative and get the perfect look for your kitchen to add to the overall design.

Colour Pops :

If you do not want to break your budget and yet still be able to brighten up your kitchen space, then adding color pops is the way to go. Colors can bring life to literally everything in your kitchen. From walls, floors. cabinets, kitchen islands, and plenty more, a bright pop of colors can add aesthetic value to your overall kitchen. With colors, there is no stopping. They are economical, easy, and elevate your whole kitchen design. Choose a color scheme that you find peaceful, fun, elegant, or vibrant, and enjoy your cooking experience next time.

Kitchen Islands :

Modern and luxurious kitchen islands have become quite a trend now. Expensive to install, but kitchen islands add the luxury factor to the kitchen design. They are best suited in a larger kitchen layout. Following are some tips to follow for kitchen islands:

  • Mix the countertop with marble and metal
  • Get stools
  • Install a small waterfall to wash those extra dishes
  • Mirrored surfaces
  • Get a touch of gold
  • Contrast with colors in your kitchen

Handless Design :

A niche design for budget-conscious people. A simple and functional idea to able multitasking and convenience that reminisces the early 20th-century Bauhaus style. It is chic and clean that allows a streamlined flow in the kitchen.

Built-In Pantries :

Another amazing trick to avoid food clutter in the kitchen by having a designated room for your dry goods/food items, utensils, appliances, etc. Built-in pantries have become a significant convenience and popular contemporary trend, eliminating the need for wall cupboards.

There are four types of pantries:

Built-In Pantry :

For small kitchens where space must be fully maximized by making wooden or veneer shelves within the walls.

All-Purpose Pantry :

A lazy style for all your pantry needs.

Cabinet-Store Pantry :

A store-like pantry next to your kitchen constituting cupboard-like cabinets. This design is constructed outside the kitchen to give you more space and area.

Breakfast Pantry :

This style includes a breakfast bar within the pantry to store bread, cereal, coffee, and more.

Storage Convenience :

Do not get too lost in a million ideas out there. Think of the storage that your kitchen needs. Are you a big family or just a couple? Get ahead by avoiding clutter in your kitchen and implementing storage space in your kitchen décor. For those who do not have much area available for the kitchen, it is essential to utilize the given space efficiently. Have built-in drawers in your cupboards, or get hooks and racks installed on the walls.

Walnut Cabinets :

The rich and dark color of walnut is all you want if you are into deep tones. Walnut cabinets are a modern option to bring out that sense of luxury and class. In traditional kitchen designs, walnut cabinets have been in use for a very long time. If you are into the vintage aesthetic theme, then this is the best tip to get started. We would recommend going for this option if your kitchen is big enough to withhold the dark essence of this décor.

Color Splash :

Who would not want a little color in the kitchen? By mixing up your favorite palette of colors, you can introduce contrasting backsplashes to your kitchen design. Colors affect your mood and create an eye-catching look with an additional touch of funky and vibrant vibe. Most interior designers go for contrasting colors with the countertop or floor, but if you have any favorite color in mind or an idea of how the kitchen should feel, then don’t be afraid to experiment and play around. The overall beauty standard of the kitchen’s theme totally depends on you and the level of elegance and sophistication you desire. Similarly, like contrasting backsplashes, contrasting countertops can also elevate your kitchen.

Curated Kitchen :

We all know that kitchen is the heart of a home—a place where you have to spend most of your day. Therefore, curated kitchens have started becoming the new trend. A curated room where you can hang your favorite visual pieces such as wall hangings, paintings, drawings, pictures, or anything to make it lively and simply you. A curated look makes the kitchen peaceful and more personal with a touch of your personality and lived-in appearance.

The affordable Vinyl Flooring :

The demand for Vinyl flooring has increased drastically over the years. The vinyl floor adds not only to the beauty of the kitchen by giving that rustic wooden floor look, but it is also very functional. For people who are drawn most towards the sophisticated decor, the natural wood look of different patterns and styles of vinyl is bound to amp up the entire look of your kitchen.

This option is best suited for those searching for a durable, highly resilient, and easy install floor.

Because vinyl is scratch, stain, and waterproof, it is also used in the bathroom. However, we would recommend using it only in the kitchen. It is also available in both tiles and sheet format. Since it comes with a huge selection of fragment designs, marbled and directional patterns/colors, it looks for more expensive flooring. From afar, this type of flooring can be made to look like wood planks or stone tiles.


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