Top 5 Locations to Rent a House under Rs. 30,000 in Multan 

Multan is one of the major metropolitans of Pakistan. It hosts people from various parts of the country who, to avail multiple opportunities, travel towards the city. Its significance can be perceived from the fact that it is the sixth-largest city in Pakistan. Multan districts hold a special place in the hearts of people living in Southern Punjab. The city has a booming agriculture industry and other flourishing businesses, making it a suitable destination for factory workers and business people. While the city attracts many people, it can be deduced that people will be looking to buy or rent a house in Multan.

Simplify the real estate experience for every Pakistani; lists down the top 5 locations to rent a  house under Rs. 30,000.




The first area where a house can be bought under the rent of Rs30000 is Bahadurpur. Bahadurpur is among the oldest localities of the city and is close to every amenity offered by Multan city. The locality is situated northwest of the town near Bahauddin Zakariya University, one of Pakistan’s renowned educational universities.

The size and price range of a house in Bahadurpur is given below

Prominent features of the society are:

  •         Public transport can be easily accessed from Bahadurabad
  •         Numerous markets are present inside and around the area to meet the daily needs of the people.
  •         Equipped with all the essential utilities
  •         The locality can be accessed from every area of Multan
  •         Renowned educational institutes can easily be accessed from Bahadurabad


MPS Road

The next area which can cater to the needs and provide a suitable lifestyle in Multan is Multan Public School (MPS), Road. MPS road lies parallel to Northern Bypass Road. Furthermore, some prominent housing societies are situated across the road, which gives tenants multiple choices for acquiring a house for rent. Some of the significant housing societies are PIA Employees Housing Society, Green Town, and AGRICS Town.

The size and price range of a house in Bahadurpur for rent is given below

  •         A house of 5 Marla on MPS Road and its surrounding can be acquired between the price range of Rs28000-Rs30000

Prominent features of the locality are:

  •         Approximate to some of the major societies of the city
  •         Closer to education facilities, for example, Bahauddin Zakariya University and Multan Public School and College.
  •         Transport facilities can be easily accessed from MPS Road, Wapda Town bus stop is situated near MPS Road.
  •         Markets can also be easily accessed from MPS Road, Model Town’s commercial area can be accessed from MPS Road.


Bilal Chowk

Bilal Chowk is located on Shujabad Road and is one of the most famous roundabouts of the city. Some prominent societies of the town are neighbouring Bilal Chowk which increases the significance of the city. Some of the well-known societies near Bilal Chowk are Zubair Colony, Madina Town, and Rehman Colony. Bilal Chowk lies on the way to Multan Cantonment and also leads to Multan clock tower.

The size and price range of a house around Bilal Chowk for rent is given below

Some prominent features are:

  •         Various transport facilities can be easily accessed from Bilal Chowk; metro bus service can be easily accessed.
  •         Markets can be easily accessed from Bilal Chowk, local markets on Shujabad Road can be easily approached similarly, and shops on Sargodha Jhang Multan Road can also be accessed.
  •         Various schools and colleges are also nearby Bilal Chowk, for example, Muslim Public Model High School, The Educators School, MC Boys Primary School.



Manzoorabad is among the busiest localities of the city. It is situated beside Hafiz Jamal Road, which also leads to Vehari Road via Makhdoom Rasheed Road. Manzoorabad is surrounded by Basti Baghbanpura, Shaheenabad Colony, and Jamalpur Colony. Manzoorabad can fulfil the needs of the tenants who are looking for a house for rent in Multan.

The size and price range of a house in Manzoorabad for rent is given below

  •         A house of size between 3-5Marla can be acquired on rent between the price range of Rs25, 000-Rs30, 000.

A few of the prominent features of Manzoorabad are:

  •         Manzoorabad is equipped with all the basic facilities
  •         Transport facilities can be easily accessed from Manzoorabad for significant areas of Multan
  •         Numerous commercial markets are located on Hafiz Jamal Road to cater for the needs of residents
  •         Educational institutes are also approximate to Manzoorabad



Ghousabad colony, Multan, is situated beside Sultanpura. Vehari Road is located near Ghousabad colony. Thus, the settlement can be easily accessed from anywhere in Multan city. Some of the significant localities surrounding Ghousabad include Sabzwari Housing Scheme, Rehman Colony, and New Shah Shams Colony.

The size and price range of a house in Ghousabad for rent is as follows

Some of the prominent features of Ghousabad are

  •         The locality can be accessed from anywhere in the Multan city.
  •         Approximate to all the basic amenities
  •         Educational institutes can be easily accessed from the Ghousabad colony


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