Urban flooding due to inadequate drainage system causes havoc in Gujrat

GUJRAT: The city was submerged in urban floods after heavy rain revealed the poor drainage and sewerage system, disrupting the routine life and businesses. Rainwater entered residential and commercial centers along with district government offices’ compounds along with other important buildings, including the Municipal Corporation building.

Business and commercial centres remained closed as the rain started in the early hours of Saturday, leaving people stranded in their homes due to the submerged streets and roads

Some of the areas affected include Rehman Shaheed Road, Jinnah Road, Circular Road, Bhimbher Road, Jail Chowk, Katchery Chowk, Railway Road, Ramtalai Road and adjoining residential localities The city’s main commercial hub, Muslim Bazaar, historical Eidgah Masjid along old GT Road and numerous adjoining markets were also among the affected areas.

Deputy Commissioner Dr Khurram Shahzad informed about the efforts being made to drain rainwater out through fully functional disposal stations in the city suburbs to help resolve this issue.

The successive government and administrations have been unable to deal with this major problem in the past.

With several roads bein washed away, there are reports of heavy damage due to urban flooding, cutting off whole villages from the other parts of the city in the rural areas of Tanda, Karianwala, Jalalpur Jattan, Kharian, Sara-i-Alamgir.

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