Welcoming Guest Room Decor Ideas in 2021

If you are looking to decorate the guest bedroom in your house, keep in mind that comfort is the key. A guest bedroom should have a happy vibe and should be inviting. Your guests will be away from their homes but they should feel as comfortable as possible in your guest bedroom. Guest bedroom is also the place where you can have lots of fun with creative design since it is essentially an extra bedroom which allows you to let your creative juices flow to make daring decisions. brings you creative ways to create a welcoming guest bedroom. 


Welcome Basket 



Nothing feels better than a basket full of essential items that the guests may appreciate. The basket can include items such as an extra pair of toothbrush, mini soaps, scented candles or a body lotion. You can customize this basket as per your liking. While it may seem like a small gesture, these special touches really make your guests feel comfortable in the new space and leave a lasting impression. 


Spa like Washroom 



For most travellers, having a clean washroom is a priority. Some may even place greater importance on the washroom compared to the room. If you are having guests over, it is essential you take the extra step to provide a clean washroom. Ideally, you should deep clean the washroom before the guests arrive in order to set things up. Ensure that the towels are clean and the toiletries are present. You can also place certain decor elements along with scented candles to provide a spa-like experience. For this purpose, you can invest in white towels and a matching container set for soap, shampoo etc, which will inject that luxurious feeling into the washroom. 


Comfortable Bedding  



The showstopper in any bedroom is how comfortable it is to sleep in the bed. Refrain from giving your guests the oldest and shabbiest mattress that you have. Chances are that it is not the most comfortable. If you have the resources, invest in a quality mattress that will prove to be a total game changer. Moreover, try upgrading the bedding to give a clean and neat ambience which makes it appealing for the guests. Think about good quality linens and fluffy pillows to wow your guests. 


Adequate Lighting 



Let that natural light in and even supplement with light fixtures to brighten up your bedroom. The light and airy feeling will be an instant hit with your guests. One of the simplest ways to do that is to invest in good table lamps. Not only do they act as statement decor pieces, they also serve the purpose to brighten the bedroom. Your guests can even decide to just turn the lamps on for a cosy late night ambience. Other lighting options can include wall sconces, pendant lights and standing lamps. 


Special Touches 



Taking the extra mile and adding special touches always leaves a pleasant taste in the guests’ mouth. There are plenty of options and ways one can do that depending on time, effort and resources they are willing to invest in it. Hosts can decide to write personalised handwritten notes welcoming the guests, or they can buy welcome gifts. There are a myriad of options to choose from. You can make your guests feel special by clearing the closet for them to put their clothes or keeping extra water bottles and snacks on the side table for the night; you can get creative with how you can make the stay comfortable for your guests. But one thing is for you, it is always the little things that make the biggest difference. 

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