The most awaited of all, this year’s Eid-ul-Fitr is here and the Eid holidays schedule is pretty appealing.  Eid is all about getting together and sharing gags of family and friendship while all of us wear the best of our clothes, flaunting across in the traditions and cultures of what bonds us as Muslims, as Pakistanis. Homes are bound to raise the bars of sweetness with Gaajar Halwa, Firni, Kheer, Rasmalai and an assortment of additional food to drool over. Not to forget mentioning, I can’t wait for the Halwa Poori to be at my table. For some, offering the Eid prayer maybe the best gathering they are looking forward to while others are waiting to live by the smiling faces of their younger ones as they give out Eidis for which my personal rates have risen significantly! However, Eid is never complete without being outdoors for celebrations. Be you in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi, here are some places to consider.


Shah Faisal Mosque is the first thing coming to my mind while I’m at Islamabad this Eid. Every year this grand structure hosts thousands of Muslims at the congregation for the offering of Namaz-e-Eid. Early to rise and getting yourself to be part of it is surely a good start to your day.

Other attractions the city has to itself for recreation of the residents is Daman-e-Koh and Lake View Park. If you are a foodie and that is what completes your Eid festivities, then, Monal at Pir Sohawa is a great place to be at. Serenity with a view is always a bonus.

Islamabad Food Street and Kartarpura in Rawalpindi is always a major attraction for food lovers. Jalebis, butter milk, sweets, almond milk and desi foods have no better place otherwise. Shahdara and Nilan Bhotu are great water places at your service this Eid when temperatures are rising significantly. You can have all the fun with friends and family while quenching off your party thirsts and clicking great Eid photos amidst magnificent landscapes and history.


My Instagram feeds are full with prayer congregations held at the beautiful Badshahi Mosque, a masterpiece of architecture haven been built by the famous Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. If you’re in Lahore, missing out on this one is out of question. Lahore has an endless list of options if you’re looking for some fun on Eid. Whenever a mention of Lahore passes by in a conversation, food spills in. The fact that some of the yummiest fumes of food arise from the Lahore Food Street, it is yet another place for foodies to dirty their hands into what Lahore has to offer. Apart from this, nature lovers have a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city at the Shalamar Gardens built by the Great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Whenever in Lahore, my Eid falls incomplete without a visit to the prefect representation of the Pakistan ideology; Minar-e-Pakistan. A boost of the patriotic sentiment of the country with a blend of Islamic, Mughal and modern styles is always a cherry on top.

Mini Golf Club on the Eid is yet another escapade to wash off all the exhaustion of Ramzan. It is a popular place of hangout for the ‘Lahori Jawans.’ A great place for those who are looking for fun, a great evening, great atmosphere and delicious fusion food.

Eid day would not be complete without an evening of exchanging sweets at the Wagha border. Go, cheer and drill because it’s Eid.


What do you say when somebody says Karachi? I say beaches. This Eid, beaches should be your best to go out place for parties and hangouts.

After a thirsty Ramzan amidst the heat wave struck Karachi, we are all in for countless waves and the soft grainy sand. Some of the fun flied beaches you can go is the French Beach, Paradise Point, Turtle Beach, Clifton and Hawke’s Bay.

All these beaches have one thing in common. They are filled with an array of activities from water sports to horse riding, camel riding, beach buggies, scuba diving, fishing, barbecues and more.

Any Eid without food is incomplete, and so food lovers cannot get a better place to satisfy taste buds. To name a few Do Darya, Laxmi Chowk, Gawal Mandi Food Street, Fort Road Food Street and Burns Road are famous places to go out and eat in open air. Just for an additional piece of information, Nihaari, Karahi, Rabri, Falooda and Lassi are not to be missed out. A number of amusement parks like Dream World Karachi and Aladdin Park offer fun filled activities for children.


This hill station has always been a great place for tourism while we can also enjoy a great weather. Famous places to visit are Mall Road and Patriata Chairlift. You can have access to foods of all kinds, tea, a warming cup of coffee with a view of cotton clouds resting on mountain peaks. After all you deserve an escapade into the chill, out of a hot summer.

Be it whatever city, cinema houses are always open new film releases. If you are a movie lover, have cousins over, are around friends otherwise, then grabbing a movie ticket and treating with yourself with films would be lit day.

Not forgetting that Eid is a three day celebration of gratitude and joy for the blessings we have in life, it is to remind us how lucky we are to have choices to eat and drink. We are blessed to have the opportunities to experience joy and come together as community. This Eid let us sit down for countless reasons to be grateful, learn about ourselves, help others and together to think about them want to celebrate life.

While I move towards the end of this Eid blog, this brings me back strong flashbacks of my own Eid days at my grandparent’s. They were memories well-crafted with the cheers of family gatherings, clothes with gota kinari, mehndi, bangles, Eidis that got us cotton candies, the white kheer, water fights and climbing up trees. If you have your Eid memories you want to relive, share in the comments below.

Have a very foodie, festive Eid-ul-Fitr. Grab the maximum Eidi you can. It’s celebration time!

To the entire Graana family, Eid Mubarak. May you always be grateful for your families together at homes that you make beautiful.


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